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TFN helps get students back to school during Covid-19

The stakes are high with so much uncertainty regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools all over the country have had to ponder the issue of how to return to the classroom and do it safely. NOVA Academy Early College High School is a California private school with campuses in Santa Ana and Coachella. Temperature checking stations, reducing class sizes, social distancing, mask-wearing guidelines, hand sanitizing stations, and rigorous sanitizing procedures are some of the many safety measures that NOVA employed to guard against the spread of the virus. In an attempt to keep students safe inside the classroom, TFN developed classroom large safety partitions as an innovative solution for NOVA Academy Early College High School.

These L-Shaped plexiglass partitions were custom made to allow for the most flexibility of the student’s swiveling desk while protecting all students in their own office-like, clear cubicle.  Highly rigid clear acrylic sheets enforced with aluminum framing provide an excellent solution for stable free-standing protection that is lightweight for mobility with easy set up, easy take down, and stackable storing of the partitions inside each other.

Additionally, The World Health Organization, the Center for Disease Control, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration all encourage the use of plastic barriers. The fight against Covid-19 is a fight against droplets. A single sneeze can send thousands of droplets into the air at high speeds over long distances. Although plexiglass does not eliminate the need for other preventative measures, these barriers aid in the prevention of droplets from traveling and enforces social distancing when it otherwise may be difficult.

Although we all hope we can get back to normal soon, TFN is pleased that the partitions had brought some peace of mind to the school faculty, parents, and students to allow education to continue in a some-what-normal fashion…inside the classroom.

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